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   Effective communication is more and more been used in enterprise management, the company in order to strengthen the cooperation ability and improve efficiency between different departments,so our company have a effective communication training to all personnel. Brief content is as follows:

    So-called effective communication, it is through listening, speaking, reading and writing etc, through presentations, meetings, dialogue, letters, and other ways to express to othous with accurately and properly,and to encourage each other to accept it .

Three principles of effective communication 

Effective communication

    Emphasize the goal clarity of communication. Through the communication,  both sides can achieve the goal of common understanding .

Efficient communication

   Emphasis on the concept of time to communicate. Short time,and  more frequently in commmunication, in a short time  to complete the goal of communication as far as possible.

 Communication with smile

   Emphasis on human action. To make the staff involved in the communication to realize their own value. Only happy communication to achieve win-win idea.





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