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Aluminum predicament more by the market to find a way
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 Chalco Reuters : Currently, the traditional peak season comes aluminum industry , but downstream demand has not changed , with excess capacity, increased costs and other factors, the aluminum industry is in a state of comprehensive loss . The vast majority of primary aluminum industry enterprises have basically no money or up to breakeven , and entered the 2012 aluminum prices fell to around 16,000 yuan per ton , the vast majority of companies have begun loss .

      Metallurgical industry analyst pointed out : At present, the entire aluminum industry showed an overall loss . 2012 aluminum capacity utilization is below 70% , industry overcapacity problem already highlighted. The western cast aluminum construction boom has accelerated sprint against the tide , no doubt to the industry is a big risk. Current solution aluminum capacity transfers to western lack of planning and management , and production in the eastern region of the exit mechanism should be improved, lack of supervision , which makes the production of domestic aluminum industry overcapacity problem has been nearly a further deteriorate.
       For the aluminum industry, both rich in coal resources in Western investment , the advantage of relatively inexpensive , but also away from the mainland market , increased transportation costs disadvantage. Therefore, the price of coal resources inexpensive aluminum industry get together to become the main reason for entering the West .
      In case of insufficient capacity utilization , fast production capacity of the entire aluminum industry , which greatly increased the overcapacity problem for the entire industry is a big risk.
In order to suppress the excess risk caused by blind expansion of aluminum production in April 2012 halted all relevant departments jointly issued a proposed aluminum project and requested cancellation of the local industrial policies. Aluminum was considered to be not included in the development center of Xinjiang . But , of course, a large number of aluminum companies into Xinjiang brought rapid expansion of new production full of worries. "New " is no corresponding "out" , not only will exacerbate pressure on the environment in the western region , but also for the aluminum industry, the rapid expansion of production capacity in excess of the industry will inevitably bring , while prices fell , the whole industry will be difficult to reverse the loss dilemma .
According to the " 2013-2017 Chinese aluminum market analysis and investment strategy research report " shows: aluminum industry already excess capacity , if not effectively planning and design , at the same time to increase the development of the west , central and eastern areas have not phased out , at least is part of the exit , will intensify domestic competition , resulting in a further decline in their prices , lower profits , thereby affecting our export prices, is not conducive to long-term development of the industry . But instead of relying on policy guidance , it is better to rely on the market . Natural market price adjustment lever is the best way to guide the industry , changes in the market will really make the transfer of industry to become a reality. ( Aluminium News )

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