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In the first half of Lu Yu Gui prebaked exports increase in volume drop in price
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 [ China Aluminium Network 】 Chinese customs data show that the first half of the total exports Prebaked Lu Gui Henan provinces 730,000 tons , an increase of 37%.

According to SMM statistics, the main destination country for the first half of Chinese exports Prebaked Malaysia, Russia , Kazakhstan , the United States , India and the United Arab Emirates .
In the first half of the total exports of Shandong prebaked at 49 million tons, an increase of 22% ; total exports of 130,000 tons in Henan , an increase of 120% ; Guangxi total exports 110,000 tons , an increase of 55%. Export prices, the average price for the first half of the provinces export prebaked $ 608 / ton , down 6%.
SMM believes Lu Gui Henan provinces accounted for over 95% of the region 's total exports of domestic prebaked , with weak domestic aluminum , petroleum coke and upstream raw material prices reduced domestic Prebaked prices. While export prices also declined.
The increase in total exports , while the domestic electrolytic aluminum production capacity in the first half put New slowing , forcing the anode companies choose to increase exports ; hand , to ease tight cash flow situation , foreign companies have chosen to return more efficient business models cooperation and avoid the problem of domestic aluminum prices owed ??money .

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