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Add:Shandong Jinan Pingyin Kongcun
Domestic calls:0086-531-87745967
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  After 20 years of development, Jinan Wanfang Carbon Co., Ltd has developed into a professional enterprise in producing baked carbon anode, which owns over 1,200 members of staff, over 300 various technical personnel, whose capacity is 500,000 mt per year. Most of products are sold to Europe, America and other regions.

    It is our eternal pursuit to establish a world first-class company; It is our eternal motivation to cultivate high-quality enterprise culture and explore lean management model. It is the guarantee of the quality of product to build core technical team and research and develop technology with independent property rights. Realizing cleaner production and protecting environment comprehensively pk10牛牛公式解析 the highest standard of enterprise social responsibility. Our company is based on honesty, gives back to the society, gives back to the client, gives back to the staff.


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